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Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Preserving Patient Dignity (Formally Patient Modesty) Volume 130



At Tuesday, April 09, 2024 12:10:00 PM, Blogger Maurice Bernstein MD said...

Welcome to Volume 130 and as you may have seen as the Introduction to this Volume, I think the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is of worthy consideration.


Or is AI a transient and even trivial issue for any thorough consideration? ..Maurice

At Wednesday, April 10, 2024 8:23:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried taking advise from any of the nurses on Quora ( the good ones that is)? One male nurse says foleys arent needed for lapascopic surgeries IF you pee prior to and get a bladder scan to make sure you are empty. This is NEVER offered to patients. If you can get through the bullshit responses from many there are some things patients can do and should be accommodated for.
Otherwise, if you cant beat them join them. I know i am going to lie through my teeth the next time hubby needs surgery. When we ask about pre op/post op and observing at minimum until the incision and waking up in OR going to recovery. I was going through an internship for scrub tech until i injured my back and standing for long periods became a problem. Sights, sounds and smells dont bother me. YOU being unethical bothers me. Lol. Cat

At Wednesday, April 10, 2024 2:19:00 PM, Anonymous JR @rights4patients said...

One of the most important lessons I learned from the medical community is to lie. We lie in telling them he takes the prescription they prescribe as we get it filled and flush it. He has now learned to lie about being in pain and to guard his expressions. We don't give "histories" as the only purpose they truly serve is for them to sell the info for profit for research. If lying is good enough for them (and you can read articles where they justify lying to patients), it is good enough for us. They do it because they believe they are entitled to spin and lie but our reason is self-preservation. Once you have been medically harmed, you never forget it and you what you must to protect yourself from further harm. I know there are those who will say it is wrong but then I doubt if they have been truly medically harmed.

At Wednesday, April 10, 2024 6:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is TC

My knee scope went perfect because I was so proactive & it worked. I had very little to drink the day before (I fasted for 16 hours prior to the surgery) & drank nothing the day of the surgery.

Luckily, I was treated enough like an adult that they didn't require me to void my bladder before discharging me, because I'd have been kept overnight.

I didn't urinate until 12am because my only liquid consumption that day was two 12oz diet sodas I downed at 10pm -- 9 hours after surgery. . I guess I went into surgery nearly dehydrated & the IV drip was just absorbed in my body. No big deal to mollycoddle me about.

My prior inquiries about surgery catheterization is the golden standard is four hours or more required catheterization , but 4 hours or less not. Anyone saying that any short surgery requires a Foley is lying, go somewhere else! )Nurses thrive in the power trip of shoving stuff up utethas & butts, so I would take this up with the surgeon. His coordinator, the surgery center, etc.

Quora haswss of a readership with an Authoritarian folowers Personality. (Those insisting experts are always right & we shouldn't question them My posts aremt trolled there. & I got a lot of encouragement to stand up for my rights as I refused students & chaperones in my inguinal pain treatment.

I had a phone visit with my Lutheran Social Services therapist who promised to help me get a lawyer, but she only referred to legal aid in San Bernardino county. It's inert! They only exist on paper. CA Disability Rights is the service that helps fere, but they turned me down as a client.

This time, I am trying to get legal help to preemptively intimidate facilities (legally) to dismiss chaperones.

My therapist might write a "reasonable accomodations letter" for CPTSD, saying unecessary exposure will exacerbate my suicidal mental state (no hyperbole there) & try to proceed with the facility afraid to violate ADA requirements. Yet, I'm sure that a facilities "right" to use chaperones supercedes my rights as an abused survivor.

Lastly. On 01/04/23 I had my first spinal exam with a PA at a chain pain clinic in Rancho Mirage. The orthopedic PA asked me to touch my toes, but then immediately & aggressively inserted his hand into the back of my elastic banded shorts & violently pulled up -- giving me a wedgie. Why? Obviously because he didn't want me to touch my toes & was assisting me internally. Even at age 66, I could touch by hands in the floor & the gesture wasn't appreciated. On the way home I redlined my engine at over 7500 rpm & got a rod knock.

My appointment with that Siberian physician is at another city"s outlet of the same pain chain clinics. I'd write a complaint about the orthopedic PA, but it would only bolster their assertion that a chaperone is necessary for my upcoming appointment with the Siberian bleached blond (phoney Botox lips & huge silicone boobs to match)


At Thursday, April 11, 2024 1:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outside of this group I have often been accused of slanderously "sexualizing" the medical profession, but it was still in my grandparents lifetime (not that long ago) when doctors were attributing any & all conditions with female hysteria & treating it with ftgeir ingers, dildos & vibrators. (They & their husbands went along).

And of course, mandatory enemas for EVERYONE staying overnight in a hospital, even for observation -- antiquated, having no Reasonable medical basis (except for the most constipated or for bowel prep) which only incriminates the profession more, for it's morbid obsession with other people's privates
Not done now, showing it's absolute lack of necessity.

We know about OR recovery UIEs as being rape & I brought up the use of juvenile delinquents as medical "volunteers" at the threat of a guards strap.

Other stuff in recent medical history besides hysteria treatment I don't know about that I an use as a club against them in convincing others of providers' drive to power in crossing sexual & decency boundaries from an historical standpoint?

At Thursday, April 11, 2024 1:24:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC again, sorry I forgot to identify myself at the bottom of my historical medical sex abuse inquiry, but I think I did at the top. (If so, please delete this Dr B) thanks


At Thursday, April 11, 2024 3:37:00 AM, Blogger Biker said...

Dr. Bernstein, I imagine that AI will be helpful with unusual cases where AI's ability to quickly sift through vast amounts of data can help inform the physician but I don't see it replacing the physician's intuition and experience.

As for patient privacy and dignity, unless AI-powered robots can somehow replace chaperone observers or perform certain assessments or procedures, I'm not seeing how AI can address any of the issues discussed here. Were AI robots able to replace chaperones, it seems that healthcare practices would have to establish standard protocols that the AI device was programmed to expect to observe. I doubt the healthcare system would tolerate each staff member not being able to decide for themselves what constitutes necessary exposure.

At Thursday, April 11, 2024 4:44:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the article that came out this week in Medpage today Bad surgeon: barriers to addressing medical misconduct? I found it encouraging that a doctor would speak out on issues that the medical community avoids or actively try’s to hide. The price that the caring ones pay explains the reluctance to follow the adage if you see something say something. I take it as another crack in their armor

At Thursday, April 11, 2024 4:47:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry that was Jeff about the cracked armor

At Thursday, April 11, 2024 11:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Bernstein,
I reviewed blogs 127 and 128 and seemed to find multiple entries penned by JF.

I haven't had any "experiences" with the medical profession lately but was dismayed to hear how an elderly relative was treated recently. He related that instead of getting a urinal or bedpan, the staff simply placed patients in diapers. Staff was not terribly responsive and patients were expected to urinate and defecate in the diapers and that eventually someone would clean them up. He indicated that there was no concern for his exposure and he was "changed" in full view of the hallway because the door wasn't even closed. I can understand the need for diapers when the patient is too weak or incapacitated to use a urinal or bedpan, but it seems that it was done more out of convenience for the staff. Of course, I would rather help someone to the restroom rather than clean soiled diapers. I am not looking forward to aging.


At Thursday, April 11, 2024 11:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC here again

Well besides masterbation as a panacea for female hysteria in my grandparents lifetime, Dr Linda Hazard held captive and SLOWLY STARVED TO DEATH 24 patients in her Seattle facility, with no escape -- while the licensing board & her medical peers allowed to happen. It speaks volumes more about our society than Hazard. , it's the Authoritarian Personality follower mindset that puts position, degrees, eduction, & titles above humanity & common sense.

This is INSANE, EXTREME sex abuse, & unfettered medical arrogance, & how can we not pstull feel vestiges of that permeated in present practices?


At Thursday, April 11, 2024 12:56:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm sick of hearing "one bad apple" when that bad apple's actions are sanctioned by its peers


At Thursday, April 11, 2024 1:53:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm infuriated! All of my Medicare electronic statements read "Moderate level to make my own medical decisions"

I called Medicare & they disavowed it, pointing to my providers -- but they wouldn't all make that assessment.

Medicare is vaguely pointing the finger at my PCP, & if this is the case then I'm through with her, & through with all health providership .

This assessment is made not by any dementia or Alzheimer's test, no IQ test no MMRPI, it's pretty ducking random.

A colossal slap in the face given all the medical neglect, medical abuse, Unconsented surgical scars to my left inguinal area & left Ist metatarsal The time urologists (1995) wanted to remove my right testical for a cancer biopsy, the left had a hydrocele & the cheap county medical program tried to convince me to remove that for cancer biopsy

All this FUCKING shit I've documented here including sexual misconduct, & I (the victim) am the one whose cognitive medical decisions skills are put to question?

I AM cantankerous & am furious as an abused patient, but whomever is responsible for that stigmstizimg mischaracteristic is going to get a HELL of a confrontation.

I did attempt suicide (05/31/24) because I was being kicked off a property with no comparable place to put my trailer. The has a 5150 & refused to authorize payment, but this assholes hit paid anyway, & I'm not in anyway grateful to have my life saved & be catheterized. Living in $1100 minimum SSI is a death sentence, a quality of life matter separate from ones critical thinking skills. (Anyone here objecting to suicide? Don't do it then, same as if you don't believe in abortion don't have one.?)

I'll be frank. I am inmuned to the socioreligious brainwashing that somehow motivates others to put up with any & all adversity. I'm not fooled. I have no intention of living long enough to be taken out by some natural cause. It will be by my own hand on my terms when the day comes.

But 5150 aside, & maybe the reason, I am vehement about this arbitrary mental assessment.

Sorry, but even Dr B has alluded to my high level of lucidity -- even though my values differ from most. My decisions are clear. .

At Thursday, April 11, 2024 2:28:00 PM, Blogger Maurice Bernstein MD said...

Ventilation of the writer's experiences and yet to occur anticipated experiences as exemplified by TC and others in the past, I think is a worthy therapeutic value of blogs such as this one. ..Maurice.

At Thursday, April 11, 2024 2:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I would say avoidamce of catheterization alone is reason for suicide.

My first catheterization 12/22/20 had am ER team that included a flamingly bitchy, effeminate male nurse. I came to & heard them tell me that they were going to put a tube down my throatSemi-conscious, felt obligated to tell them I had Sjigerns (dry mouth) & said, "I've got, I've got, I've got..,unable to access Shogerns from my memory the hat nurse interjects, " did you ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf"?

Eyes closed but with increasing auditory & tactile level Fully a that my privates had been exposed & worked in, I declared "I didn't want to be naked !" The gayass bastard goes, " you're not naked you're wearing a gown! "

Then the unspeakable! I verlt a hard plastic catheter that must have been 1/2".thick, my worst fear, & as an act of contempt I willfully tanned it out, _ it hurt!

The last words I heard was the gayaas piece of shit yelling "HE PULLED IT OUT!"

I awake 4 days later 12/26/20 at about 2pm, quartered restrained to the bed. An Asian ER doc asked me if there were any sleeping meds involved besides the carbon monoxide & I lied & he asked me if I wanted to go home that day. Yay! No 5150, & meant that my friend/landlord owed up to making my living situation impossible. It WAS externally driven. I was too weak, & asked to go the next day.

.Then the flamingly effeminate nurse came just to check my privates. I had a bad urinary tract unfectiin. He undiapered me and contemptuously washed my privates, saying it's sooo gross (the so with an ostentatious lisp!) I connected his face to his ER room voice. He had dirty blond/light brown hair that was receding. & A moustache.

From that point on, one extremely dark skinned Asian nurse was assigned me. She sat in the chair watching TV, and opening up my diaper to scrub me every hour. Turning ne around looking fur stool (no drool, no food). She fed me awful bullshit. I had to be on my best behavior because I'd go straight home.

They never unrestrained me , never took out the catheter for two more days. The nurse spoke little English, ignored my screams of pain that my right testicle was chronically inflamed from a hydrocele.

The San Bernardino county Department of Public Health investigated, my word against there's, so unsubstantiated. It did seem incongruous that they offer to let me go but kept me restrained in that one position (my back hurt so much!)

Because of that, they carefully reviewed the records & write the hospital up for not checking the restraints. They said it was a significant write up, nit just a slap in the wrist.

Still, no lawyer to take NIED & malpractice suits pro Bono.

Yeah,, If rather die than ve cateteruzed, no hyperbole. But catheterized by that .., guy?

I don't understand all this hoopka about sane gender medical teams, you all should never that filthy immoral piece of shit.

I could never even get his name they were so guarded _ dismissive after the fact.

But it's not my mental deficiency that SAI payments aren enough to live in. That was a toxic rental situation from which I couldn't extricate myself. My landlord ended up in hinging 02/16)21 from the gang banger he let on the property, & by 05/28/21 my car was stolen by then as I had to deal with them Al be.

Last year's suicide was because SB County Land Use Code Enforcement told my landlady that I had to leave the property by 06/01/23. The Joshua Trecarea has been ruined by Airbnb rentals , so I left on a stretcher with asysrikuc BP of 30. No ICU, they kept me in the ER, & shipped me out for a 5150 that was short, nit too unpleasant. No strip search, I was in the senior ward & we watched old movies until I was released after 96 hours.

Then I had an agonizing summer living in my car until 08/19)23. The leg edema was incredible, & walking in an ailing stiff left leg badly exaceebated the meniscus tear

But I'm very adamant about limiting my dependence on donctors, .one way or another


At Thursday, April 11, 2024 2:56:00 PM, Blogger Maurice Bernstein MD said...

Continuing on a bit more on the topic of AI (artificial intelligence) and the role it may play in preservation of the dignity of patients here is the link to the current article.

Here is the conclusion commentary:
After decades of progress toward a data-driven health system, advanced AI methods and systems present a new and important opportunity to achieve the vision of a learning health system. These adaptive technologies also present risks, particularly when applied in a complex system, and therefore must be carefully and collectively managed. Based on a bounded review of the literature and guidance on responsible AI in health and health care, informed by ongoing dialogue with national thought leaders, and mapped to the principles of the continuously learning health system, this paper proposes a harmonized draft AI Code of Conduct framework. The Code Principles and the proposed Code Commitments reflect simple guideposts to guide and gauge behavior in a complex system and provide a starting point for real-time decision making and detailed implementation plans to promote the responsible use of AI. Engagement of all key stakeholders in the co-creation of this Code of Conduct framework is essential to ensure the intentional design of the future of AI-enabled health, health care, and biomedical science that advances the vision of health and well-being for all.


p.s.-Again you all may feel that AI is not a topic of importance relative to the issues of our blog thread here.

At Thursday, April 11, 2024 3:57:00 PM, Blogger Biker said...

Dr. Bernstein, an AI Code of Conduct sounds great but in the end it will come down to who is using it for what purpose.

If AI is just used to sift through data points so as to help the physician come to a diagnosis or treatment plan, it'll probably be of benefit. If it is used by the MBA's in the corporate quite to maximize profit via either withholding treatment from those them deem less desireable as patients or to push patients to more expensive or unnecessary treatment, then heaven help those of us who they choose as their victims.

At Friday, April 12, 2024 12:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right, not interesting, not "tangible". Too me, this is a very abstract "Futurama"matter, & I don't understand its essence or impact in a medical setting, as I wasn't brought up in the digital computer/video game era. But in my interactions I keep things simple, & on track -- my ahenda, after studying up.

Certainly won't hurt me interactions with my PCP, I set my own health agenda, set my own limits intelligibly, & she agrees.

Surgical settings? Maybe robotics can more skillfully do surgery or aspects, with less embarrassment to the patient. Again, for me choice making is always simple. I have about ten herniated discs, & they are going to have to be operated on by an endoscopic device. Open surgery I'll never agree to, I'll die first.

It's simple, & AI isn't going to be a problem until it impedes me, then it will become tangible & probably not in my lifetime.


At Friday, April 12, 2024 12:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC to Cat.

I indirectly addressed to you the issue of surgical catheterization & my understanding is that it's strictly up to the length of the surgery.

I believe the matter is best addressed by your hubby speaking directly to the surgeon by saying, "you are not going to catheterize me!" If the surgeon fired back with a rationolation , it may not be just a rationization, there may be some ligitimacy there, so study up on the specifics of his counterargument, then come back & debunk it or accept it.

If your insurance allows it, find a surgeon who's less zealous elsewhere. Your hubby will be better informed at that consultation & then he can raise his voice, slam his fist in the table, & say "I'm having this surgery & YOU'RE NOT CATGETERIZING ME!" Make him a little afraid. Intimidation is a quicker, more proactive tactic than " writing to the joint commission" or ororganizing protests that can only take place after your medical services are teminated

Im less of an expert than that make nurse, but he seems full of shit! (My bullshit meter is better calibrated than anyone's). I think he's postering as an authority figure , your inquire threatens the gratification of subjecting & humiliating patients. Not only that, but the homosexual make nurses, MAs etc isn't entirely just a stereotype* (always some truth behind many stereotypes) & there could be an additional sexual impetuous behind his foolish assertion that a quick laproscioic pricedure necessitates catheterization.

* I'm getting furious thinking about it. The Ear nurse that catheterized me on the evening of my 12/22/20 carbon monoxide/seeping pull suicide attempt was flaming, & totally insulting. He WAS a caracature of a stereotypical gay nurse. After I woke up 12/26/20 he came just to pay a visit & wash my infected genitals -- he goes, ITS SOOOO GROSS with a lisp. .

They never gave me his name, if they did, I'd kill him

At Friday, April 12, 2024 12:35:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to steer this away from AI concerns. But I do have a tangible means of addressing scribe/ chaperones who won't leave or or go behind a screen (disconcerting that screen partitiins are no longer a part of medical offices, proving that medical voyeurism is reaching new hirghtsm

My pain problem is frontal , & I can be examined standing up, & I can I sit to stand in front of the voyeuristic little bitch) & pull the elastic band down in the front while the doctor is facing both me & filthy little bitch.

It won't be so effective for the untesond guided block

* Sorry this is war!

At Friday, April 12, 2024 12:39:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC made that last comment about facing away from scribes

My language is harsh, but again, this is almost immorality I'm facing . I'm clean in that I never forced anyone to dudrone while I looked.

I am asserting unapologetically again. that medical people have the mindset of correctional officers, but with higher test scores. IMO They are dogs ' not people. I wouldn't have a medical "professional" in my circle of acquaintances & I even expelled all my medical Facebook friends including my PCP.



At Friday, April 12, 2024 3:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC here, temporarily monopolizing this site because I am so pissed off.

February of 2023, when my menuscus damage was bad (10/27/22 MRIs) but not nearly so bad as the 11/29/23 MRIs after having been refused surgery & living in my car with a swollen leg.

At one small Palm Springs orthopedic that operates under a larger Desert Medical Group (running the hospital in JT where my back was tortured by restraints in one position from 12/22 to 12/28 2020. & a subdivision of Tehealth, one Ortho wanted to do a scope, acknowledge PT isn't necessary, but deferred to a staff colleague who rudely peeked at my MRI & said to without any prior dialogue, You can't benefit from a scope, & whatever the course of treatment, you'll have PT!

My meniscus tear got worse, but there's still enough articular cartilage inside the joint for gel injections to help.

Telling me first off the top of his head that I can't benefit from a scope, but invoking the use of PT next, can only imy that he has a personal agemda to bypass meniscus arthroscopy & replace it with an unnecessary but costly knee replacement (after a formal stint of PT that obviously won't help. ). Please be advised, Medicare won't authorize a pricey knee replacement w/o PT, but will authorize knee arthroscopy at the blink of an eye.

An investigation must be done cataloguing all the times he declined knee scopes, & the times he actually did them. I'm sure an MO of greed for knee replacements trumps arthroscopy. But who will look into that!

Now history is proving that greedy Ortho wrong, he does have one sympathetic assistant who tried to help me, & she claimed to escalate my complaint up the chain of command. She seemed surprised they didn't call me. Why? When a surgeon gets a complaint, the outfit that employs him goes into the "protect" mode. They ignore. When backed into a corner, the lie, & give vague rationalizations in return

She gave me this "ethics & resolution" wen site that's so bogus! It's internal, meaning I'd just complain to those hiring the negligent orthopedist tha I'm complaining about.

This is a bogus site, that has a "Code of Conduct Rules" that takes you to an empty page. Calling the number takes you oversees to incoherent phone reps. Everyone keep in mind that orthopedic surgeons aren't plentiful, they actually have far more value, are more irreplaceable than any administrator. The facility will not reprimand or punish a Prima Donna. This is my point, that no one can be polktyannish about truth & justice prevailing. When the Whfix guards the chicken house.

To repeat, Hobbes showed us that people will harm us if we don't have the means to punish & inflict fear in them.

I have three major complaints regarding that Network of cars going vers, one from the ICU where I was restrained for a week, another from a terrible 10/24/22 scrotal ultrasound in which a nurse Ratchet type shanghaied me into being a teaching subject (I had time restraints & would've had to reschedule, & should have after her berating, scolding aggression. )

TC, mad as HELL!

At Friday, April 12, 2024 7:20:00 PM, Blogger Maurice Bernstein MD said...

Longtime visitors here recognize that this "Patient Modesty" from its very beginning years and years ago, personal emotional ventilation has always been a feature of this particular blog topic. ..Maurice.

At Saturday, April 13, 2024 2:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC to Dr Bernstein

I have googled the new nationwide HHS ban on UIEs & ES IST NICHT!

Only vague proposals in curtailng descrimminatiin

Where's the beef, this new law?


At Saturday, April 13, 2024 6:56:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Bernstein, I directed my question to you. I can't find it.

While I'm waiting, therapy isn't making me feel less tainted & dirty for the sexual past medical humiliation & abuse. I hope to soon die & rid myself of it.

I have a June 5th appointment with a pain doctor from India. I seriously doubt any Hindu will honor modesty. Theirs is a tradition of punishing school (tuition) pupils by forcing them to stand naked at the front of the entire class; honor revenge rapes by village elders for girls whose family dishonors the chaste system )it nearly happened in 2013-2015 to the 13 & 22 year old sisters of a woman who eloped with a higher class man, when amnesty international Iintervened & convinced the central government to stop it. And of course, those wife burnings. I expect no modesty mercy from that Hindu creep.


At Sunday, April 14, 2024 8:28:00 AM, Blogger Maurice Bernstein MD said...

TC, I don't understand what you are requesting. Perhaps another reader here can help. See if this link provides the answer: Maurice.

At Sunday, April 14, 2024 10:52:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC answer:
That link is about LGBT Rights

This is your 04/04/24 post:

"Maurice Bernstein MDThursday, April 04, 2024 4:49:00 PM
To re-emphasize a law within the United States to prevent all parts of a patient's body being examined without the approval of the patient:

The U.S. law supports the concerns expressed on this blog topic and for the medical profession to do otherwise is unlawful.

Here is a section of the article:

A new ruling by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that requires teaching hospitals to get written consent from patients before undergoing intimate medical exams was informed by findings published in the Hastings Center Report.

The findings came from the first national survey on the frequency and demographics of the practice of doing pelvic and prostate exams on patients who were not asked for consent. Based on their survey results, the Hastings Center Report authors estimated that 3.6 million U.S. residents may have received an unconsented intimate exam within the previous five years. This number may be a conservative estimate since most unconsented intimate exams are believed to occur while patients are anesthetized, without their knowledge. The practice was found to be equally prevalent among males and female patients, but it occurred nearly four times as often in Black patients as white patients.

“Ethically and legally, patients have the right not to have their bodies touched without their express prior permission unless doing so is required by a medical emergency that threatens their welfare while they are incapacitated and they are not expected to (re)gain capacity in time to give informed consent,” the authors wrote, adding that unconsented intimate exams “violate this widely recognized right.” ..Maurice."

TC: I could not find this on the web (though I didn't Google Hastings, ruling & of course patient's will be denied most surgeries until they sign away their so called " rights". I could not find how this law (in reality) is going to protect all of us from being bullied & coerced UIEs.

Dr MO, I find your false optimism as alienating as Banerings. First step is to acknowledge the enemy's upper hand & proceed realistically by avoiding teaching hospitals because they'll show no mercy. Go elsewhere! No laws protecting us.


At Monday, April 15, 2024 8:43:00 AM, Anonymous JR @rights4patients said...

TC is correct abt HHS's new "rule" not making any difference. California has banned UIE's for almost 20 yrs but yet you have to wonder if they are still happening. In Florida, they passed banning UIEs several years back. In states like mine where it is still "legal" to rape patients, the generic consent form says medical students, reps., etc. might be involved. If you sign the consent, it is argued you gave consent. So how they are getting around explicit consent in Florida is many are using a specific gyn/uro consent form defining areas such as vaginal, pubic, breast, etc. and along with vague descriptions of medical intervention in these areas. It also states students or reps might be involved but essentially you giving permission to your doctor to decide who touches and sees these areas. This is not explicit consent but I guess because they detail what a pelvic/rectal exam might entail they think they covered their bases. However, patients will still not know who and why and if they are to be a chosen victim of medical rape. (I have a copy of one consent form used by a Florida gyn/ob office to skirt this issue.)

Even though, historically, HHS via Medicare/Medicaid sets the unofficial standards of care, they do nothing to enforce violations or even criminal activity such as the raping of patients via UIEs. Some states who have passed the bans have such low amounts set infractions (i.e. $1000) is would be laughable but it is not funny. Hospitals systems could easily bill the cost of a patient's rape into the patient's bill and have the last laugh by making the patient pay for the UIE which only benefits the student learner. I guess we are paying for the healthcare education of strangers. For every law which might be made to protect patient rights, the medical mafia and their minion lawyers will quickly go to work to find ways to circumvent it and most likely they will get away with doing so as there is no real regulatory backbone over medical issues.

As a side note, some states have only passed bills to ban unconsented for pelvic exams thus leaving it still "okay" to rape male patients via rectal exams. I guess there is still a backlash against men in this country because of all the years of inequality? I guess men of the present must pay for what men of the past did?

Again, I will say TC is right! There are no laws that actually protect patients unless there is a circumstance someone high up wants to use. Indiana has a chain of consent law that was clearly violated when my husband was medically assaulted multiple times. However, when push came to shove, AG Todd Rokita did nothing even though even Livanta said it was clear he did not consent. At least Rokita did not say like Livanta did that he should merely be glad he didn't die. For the most part, patient right laws are merely there to lure unsuspecting patient victims into having a false sense of safety/security to ward off lawsuits and criminal charges.

At Monday, April 15, 2024 11:46:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said JR


At Tuesday, April 16, 2024 2:09:00 PM, Blogger Al said...

Hello Everyone .
I received a questionnaire in the mail a few days ago asking me to answer a bunch of questions . One question has my attention . The question was ( Do you have personal , spiritual or cultural preferences that may affect your healthcare choices ( examples: diet preferences, gender of your health care provider or medical treatment ) . I found it strange that they would bring up gender preference . After all they are the ones that say what's the difference . We are all professionals . ( lol ) Did anyone else receive this from your insurance company ?


At Tuesday, April 16, 2024 2:47:00 PM, Anonymous JR @rights4patients said...

I invite you to go on Quora at and read a post I wrote about an article I read from MedPage. The post is too long to post on here but it just struck a nerve that the medical community is more interested in protecting the right to end human life by saying a woman's right to "own her body" is being denied rather than to speak about and protect the bodily rights of all patients. This is not an anti or pro abortion piece but rather how the medical mafia is able to deflect and deny already patients of the right to own their body by forcing unnecessary nudity on patients and also not allowing patients to say who sees or touches their body.

At Wednesday, April 17, 2024 10:56:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@JR 4 human rights. Can you please give me a link to a detailed account of your husband's sexual medical assault I read the Quora link, came across Lana Foust, an abused patient that has contributed to my Quora posts. She's the one who lives in a state in which UICs are illegal, but where they denied her surgery in a teaching bg hospital for not signing away her rights to refuse them.

I commented on some poor British blokes worries about catheterization under a spinal. I had a spinal last week & in 1999 & didn't have any urinary worries.

That said, the Surgery Center in Victorville CA that redirected me to a hospital for an overnight stay (I refused) had a policy of not discharging patients who haven't yet emptied their bladder. Who knows what would've happened there if I didn't pee before closing time. I went to last week's surgery very dry, didn't need to urinate until 6 hours after (when I resumed drinking) but wasn't harassed or even asked about it. Treated with sufficient dignity.

I also want to make observations here. #1) I vented via text & email to friends & acquaintances about the knee surgery fiascos, places refusing my running shorts, places trying to hold me overnight, or redirecting me to hospitals for overnight stays. I guess those firmer friends & acquaintances had no empathy about this, & probably didn't appreciate my badmouthing medical."professionals. From the title MD, all the way down to MA, there ARE title bullies I hate them . Many "modest" patients on Quora, but it seems such a tiny minority. These former friends didn't respond to my "negatively plaintiff reactions to my knee surgery setbacks on February 7. Subsequently they failed to answer sone other more "positive" & trivial texts. they're not friends, & numbers & FB accounts now blocked . I've never been I well liked guy -- even before I learned to be assertive Very few friends. I'm Sicilian & loyal likee mafia but never get the loyalty I expect back. I can do this alone, & am resigned to the idea: "the other" is invariably my enemy anyway. It's me against the 8 billion of you.


At Wednesday, April 17, 2024 11:09:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC here. The last post to JR if I didn't sign it. (In Quora that September 19999 photo is the only one of myself with my dear Blue Fronted Amazon.

Another observation is that will not tolerate ANY open surgery iny any body part I've looked up microdisc surgery & it appears that it's not arthroscopic, & 1-2" incisions per disc.
I might need 5 thoracic & 4 - 5 lumbars done & given my death wish, the news I get in my next two spinal consults just might "make my day!"


At Friday, April 19, 2024 7:52:00 AM, Anonymous JR @rights4patients said...


We did a national podcast several years back where he told a filtered version of his story. Here are the links: and Of course, these are merely summaries of what happened. He was medically assaulted several times as he specifically refused versed/fentanyl and their gold standard procedure. He was sexually assaulted bc we feel it was retaliation for several different reasons. He was stripped naked and left that way for about 25-30 minutes beforehand (prior to draping) but they did leave on his socks. Afterwards, he was left naked for about 50 minutes before they literally throw a gown over him which came off when they transferred him from the cart to bed with the door and curtains wide open. The CCU nurse used him to entertain others by forcing him urinate in front of them in a bedpan and showed the others in the room including IT staff (who was there bc she was too stupid maybe high to hook up monitors how to wash a grown man's penis & surrounding area like a baby. She left him exposed for no medically reason for hours and hours. Later she almost allowed him to choke on his own vomit. She then stripped the gown off him and left him exposed yet again while she rolled him from side to side to change sheets with the door/curtains opened. They kept him isolated from us for hours even though there was no reason and they knew we were there. The first hospital labeled him as a gay married man to retaliate bc he didn't want to stay at a teaching university hospital. They did this knowing the catholic hospital was involved in a lawsuit for not wanting to provide care to LGBTQ patients. He remembers the abuse and I saw part of it. It is a very long, nasty story as his MRs have literally 100s of lies in them which make them unusable. We even had tests done later at another hospital and they showed he didn't have a massive heart attack as there was absolutely no scarring or evidence of such. In fact, he aced all the heart tests to the point where they said there was no need to continue. The doctor even asked him several times if he was sure he had had a widow-maker heart attack and then shook his head and became quiet. The tech said it wasn't the first time that had happened with the catholic hospital system. We had a clergyman who wouldn't leave despite my telling him to leave. He also violated HIPAA not once but more than 3 times. It was such an experience that my husband will not seek ER care again nor will he consent to have in-patient care because he knows that despite what you may tell them, they will do what they please and probably bc you tell them what you will or will not allow, they will seek to intentionally harm/abuse.

At Friday, April 19, 2024 4:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JR, you & I both define that kind of unecessary exposure as sexual assault, I've experienced it, your husband experienced it. But most dumbass working Joes out there would stipulate that it's not sexual assault of there's no sexual gratification. We know their game of sexual humiliation, & I'm sure in your podcasts & blogs you get pushback about that definition. (Again, my frantic 02/07/24 emails about my knee scope being redirected to a facility where I'd be napked in a gown for 24 hours, has cost me friendships. Others don't look at it like us?)

I am confused about how/why your husband was labeled as gay.

The Catholic Religion's history of abuse is irredeemable. Not only priests raping kids (like Sinead O'Connor was taped) but brutalclassroom beatings by nuns & such. With that history, why be surprised? I to steer clear of Catholic hospitals

I will go out on a limb & charge both teaching hospitals & Catholics hospitals with a much greater level of perversity than is already extant elsewhere. I expect medical abuse from all Catholic & teaching hospitals. & I got the greatest resistance & arguments regarding underwear removal for my knee scope inquiries, when calling Outpatient Surgery staff at Catholic hospitals.

I'm sorry to everyone about monopolizing V. 130 because I am melting down & making near impossible demands for my back surgery 1) one small incision for all 4 bulging lumbars 2) one small incision for all 4-5 thoracic 3) no laminescomy or discectomy, just a scoped debris trim (because It's not feeling that bad) 4) a COVR garment worn 5) NO CATHETERIZATION ? & 5) NO OVERNIGHT STAY.(or it's curtains!)

I am emailing my PCP with that info (& a COVR link) for my phone consult on Monday. Dr Mo, you want physicians to comment on this blog. I can assure you she's got better things to do, but I'll invite her & send her the link in my email. She's not like the rest, or is so patronizing she just has me fooled


At Saturday, April 20, 2024 6:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At Saturday, April 20, 2024 6:40:00 AM, Anonymous JR @rights4patients said...

We really don't know their reason but we have guessed it is due to the reputation the catholic hospital from hell has about gay but especially "married" gay men. My husband had decided for prostate surgery that he did not want to be at a teaching hospital that a set of urologists were connected with so the teaching hospital had that in his file and he again told them he did not want treatment at the university hospital system. Unknown to us, they were using his file from years and year ago that night. I also know the hospital from hell questioned if I was his "wife" because clearly by the file, they were expecting a man and only addressed our son bc we believe they thought he was the husband. When we requested the university MRs we saw in the transfer file that he was labeled as being "gay, married" (this is in black and white print). We then asked for the hell hospital MRs yet again and this time the transfer file came with it. The transfer file is what is used between hospitals and that was all the hospital from hell had that night. As I said earlier, the hell hospital at that time was actively involved in the Southern Court District of the US in a case bc they felt they had the right to deny any type of care they wanted to LGBTQ patients. To have my husband gay and married would have made it worse especially in a state that did not recognize gay marriage and with a hospital known to be so hostile. We can think of no other reason for this to be done to him except the university hospital knew what would happen to him because sadly other hospital systems are aware of the harm other hospitals do. This was confirmed when we had to go to a different hospital system to find out what had physically been done to him. We were told by several there they weren't surprised to hear of what happened to him.
The CCU nurse who sexually abused him in his patient room is on social media saying that no man can resist her beauty and sexual charms. With my husband being labeled gay and married (and she knew this from the file), I think she felt entitled and protected to try to "convert" him back or to try to show that at least she could get results from a gay man (hence the crowd she had in the room and all the laughter). In her social media, she talks abt all the "boys come to get her milkshakes" and how much she loves Mollys which working in a CCU she is like a kid in a candy shop bc many heart related drugs are "legal" Mollys. Mollys also make ppl sexually aggressive. It is so easy for medical workers to access patient drugs. T
The university hospital also knew the versed/fentanyl would render him into a zombie like state because he told them when he refused these meds. What they didn't know was although he would be unable to move and speak that he would remember bc he didn't tell them that. He also told them the use of that combo would make his BP drop low along with his breathing rate which it did. Scary thing is when Livanta was investigating they told us that doctors have the right to give patients any drug even ones patients have refused. Makes you feel all safe, right? They also said that he was being "unreasonable" in putting forth stipulations on his treatment options/methods. Guess Livant/CMS is not there to protect patients but rather the medical system. We should take tax funding away from them.
I would bet your MRs are full of subjective observations by your doctors. I doubt you are getting the full story even the Cares Act supposedly says we get all in the MRs with the exception of if a doctor would feel it is dangerous for a patient to know the content. If you haven't, I would request copies of your MRs from your PCP. Actually, nowadays all hospitals label themselves as "teaching" hospitals in order to attract residents. Of course, some are more "teaching" than others. I know I will not go to one nor will my husband.

At Saturday, April 20, 2024 11:05:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Was it pericarditis or angina simulating a heart attack?


At Saturday, April 20, 2024 5:48:00 PM, Anonymous JR @rights4patients said...


We don't know. What we do know is he is now stented which does cause forever issues such as shortness of breath, pain, and heart attack and many heart attacks once stented are fatal. After he found out there was no heart damage and they likely lied, he has kept his medical visits to only a yearly cardiologist visit where he gets in and out as fast as he can. He takes the prescriptions, fills them and throws them away. We have done the research and he is on a natural supplement program. The doctor cannot how well he is doing and has reduced the statin dosage because the supplement (unknown to the doctor are doing all the work). Doctor thinks he is taking just a few and we always say we cannot remember their names and forgot to write them down. He knows he has to live with foreign objects in his body as their is no taking a stent out and he knows that stents will cause a blockage at some point. The "cure" that causes more issues is how modern medicine works. It seems each time he goes he must fight for his bodily dignity even though it is marked in his file he is a victim of medical sexual assault as well as battery. It is marked they must use trauma informed care but as of yet, none of them have until they are forced to by either him or me. He has learned to stand up for himself but sometimes he is more deeply traumatized by them than at other times. He insists I am always present or he will not allow any type of care. We always carry his very advanced Advanced Directive that has been legally done. We know though if he would go in the hospital again, he very likely will be sexually abused or assaulted as that is standard care for male patients. That's why he refuses any in-patient or ER care.

At Sunday, April 21, 2024 12:04:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know who posted this link, but it's always UCLA, that bastion of medical rape. Kwing learned from the best.

My first reaction was finally, a boss with the integrity to do the right thing.

NO, this had been going on for more than a decade wamudst complaints from his secretary, & peers. The ultimate reason for the firing had to do with the kickbacks he got from the implant companies.

Kudos to the female physicians who filed this lawsuit


At Sunday, April 21, 2024 1:48:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I could sign in & edit. Misty Robert's "solution" to patient modesty concerns is "same gender medical care" & Louis Kwong is living proof of my reasons for admonishing against that as a panacea.

Frankly I chose women providers because it's easier for me to deal with their improprieties & sort of laugh it off as veiled flattery. A male's impropriety? I'll kill him


At Monday, April 22, 2024 3:43:00 AM, Blogger Biker said...

Concerning the latest scandal at UCLA, one wonders how many high profile scandals and frequent mega settlements is it going to take before hospital administrators start taking complaints seriously?

At Monday, April 22, 2024 2:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC to Biker

"Settlements" in favor of wronged individuals are rare. They constitute a pretty insignificant cost of doing business, & paid for by insurance companies. It's a parroted right wing talking point blaming the high cost of health care to "junk law suits" (malpractice or sexual abuse). Any medical sex abuse victim and/or anyone who's had a bad operation, knows that it's almost impossible to sue a doctor, the injury must be catastrophic, with no question as to blame. (Like amputating the wrong limb). Only 8% of malpractice cases get to trial, & few won, & high payouts overturned on appeal.

Malpractice insurance only accounts for 2% of health costs, & those are insurance company profits that support the Lear jets, yachts lavish lifestyle of executives! Not "settlements"!

In Texas, torte reform capped payouts at $250k (like a life, limb or eye is worth only that!) with the promise that healthcare costs would diminish, & healthcare would be more affordable. It was a lie as costs continued to soar.

That's the corporate way, sexual misconduct, physician malfeasance will always be profitable, same as pollution is profitable for Walmart in spite of the 4.5 million in EPA fines!


At Monday, April 22, 2024 6:21:00 PM, Anonymous JR @rights4patients said...

What I found "funny" in that article is although the 3 women doctors mentioned he abused patients, I could not find where they mentioned they had ever told the abused patient or are a witness for the abused patient. Just as in the Sparks drama, the only motivation that I can see for their lawsuit is the wrong this male doctor did to them. They may have made complaints within the hospital system, etc. but they never cared to help the harmed patient. I really don't care if these female doctors get justice or not because it is clear to me their priority isn't the protection of innocent patients but rather protection of their career.

California has had a cap of $250,000 on malpractice for years. I haven't seen Newsome and the controlling party rushing to fix this travesty. The medical horror story blame can be squarely placed on both parties. In Indiana, Dr. Otis Bowen was a Repub. governor who made sure harmed patients would never get any compensation for their harm (yes, Bowen was a MD). The media mafia has power and control over both parties via their huge bank accounts which you and I pay for when we get their services. To in reality, we pay for them to harm us and to be able to get away with doing so. Most of the public is also complicit in allowing the harm to continue by remaining silent and some also help in protecting the medical mafia by denying harm happens.

The public believes that malpractice costs is what drives up the cost of healthcare which is entirely false. However, in states like California, when a big celebrity is harmed, we hear of the millions awarded in a settlement which helps feed this myth. All of those issues that TC mentioned about malpractice, Cindy and I have covered on our podcasts. Personally, my husband and I were told that even if they would take our case and he won, the hospital would keep appealing until a point where they knew we would get nothing. An attorney said that is how the hospital from worked. I know a physically harmed woman in South California who was offered a 20K settlement which after she paid the first and second set of attorneys, she would have been about 60K in debt. She was threatened they would completely ruin her if she didn't take the settlement.
In Florida, there is a law that allows the case to go to mediation where the doctor can settle for pennies and it is never reported as malpractice which allows unsuspecting patients to hire a doctor who has been in malpractice suits thinking he is a top-notch doctor.
The general rule for malpractice is the contingency comes out followed by expenses and whatever left is maybe for the patient because insurance will want to be paid back. So if a patient wins a 100K settlement that leaves 66K. Now for expenses, you can figure at least one or two "expert" at around 20K (probably more) plus attorney fees of probably equal to that. So now you are looking at 26K but don't forget insurance payback and taxes. So if a patient suffered a long-term injury, they are really out of luck. So much for malpractice being a big payday unless you are already rich and powerful like a celebrity.

At Tuesday, April 23, 2024 2:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ JR

It would be fun to get a link to one of those social media sites (particularly FB) in which that scumbag nurse posted self-incriminatinatory claims that her patients can't resist her & keep coming back for her milkshakes. I'm personally curious, & as you know, outside of insular patient rights groups such as here, people accuse me of "sexualizing" the whole medical industry, & they can't, or won't grasp that nurses, such as she, even exist (let alone are more common than anyone thinks..)


At Wednesday, April 24, 2024 2:07:00 PM, Anonymous JR @rights4patients said...

Sometime I will look for her posts were on Twitter which calls itself X. She talked about her beauty and how much she loved to be drunk/drinking. She also talked about talking Mollys. Some of her posts were very sexual. I know another one of the nurses had a past conviction in fraud. I know another one had a DUI. Lovely crew of lowlifes that we entrust when we are in our most vulnerable state. The interventionalist was from another country which has a reputation of not respecting women and it showed in his demeanor to me but then again he most likely thought because of the purposely inaccurate paperwork that I was a nobody and our son was actually my husband's spouse. As I said, they didn't know that my husband would be able to remember because he had told that to the other hospital before they gave him a massive amount of the drugs that he had refused. It would be interesting to know how many times patients are sexually abused because I am sure this is a group that does this on a regular basis. I am sure there are the some types in every hospital.

At Wednesday, April 24, 2024 3:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now my apologies for so many monopolizing posts. I did contact the Palm Springs pain doctor's office manager who assured me my initial exam would not degrade into a 3rd party spectators sport. She did stipulate that the pain procedures would be done at the surgery center "downstairs" & wouldn't be able to guarantee me anything regarding the surgery center's staff.

That particular surgery center was the one where I originally wanted to have my knee scoped because they honor modesty requests of no underwear removal. (The Ortho surgeon declined because apparently was shooting for a more lucrative knee implant.)

The procedures might be 1) a spinal epidural but I can't get through to an admitting or administrative nurse. It would be funny if they insist on underwear removal for epidurals, but not for a knee surgery policy. Those usually have an x-ray tech -- at least.

The primary procedure is an ultrasound guided inguinal block, something that's usually done syringe in right hand, transducer in left --carefully coordinated by the same brain & eyes. I don't see the use of an assistant there, but need to reach someone. I'm a reasonable guy, & if a strong reasonable argument for physician assistantship is needed, then I'll cave in. However, physicians often want have assistants always present, for no good reason. Here, though it's the surgery center I'm dealing with.

I might be in business, last "dignity" concern ever, or...


At Friday, April 26, 2024 3:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My back orthopedist was shockingly personable. He acknowledged Im health conscious & take care of myself, & told me my back MRIs are damn severe, but my symptoms belie that severity. Any surgery would make things worse.

He prescribed conscious, sedated epidurals, claimed me that the hot, Siberian blonde doctor I've alluded to, is the best in the business & a class by herself!. He said she doesn't take shit from anybody. (She seemed like a mousy pushover 11/10/23 12/22/23

Maybe I should shut my mouth (as you all know). I'm seeing her next Friday, & hope she didn't see my taunting Facebook PMs about her humongous Botox lips & silicone boobs.

I don't believe in epidurals, but won't accept this pain.

At Friday, April 26, 2024 3:59:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was me going in about the pain doc I PMed

At Monday, April 29, 2024 8:54:00 AM, Blogger Maurice Bernstein, M.D. said...

Does anyone here think that awareness and adherence to patient dignity is far better in other countries than that occurring in the United States. From adherence to the dignity you all want, what country would you want to me medically-surgically treated for a disorder? ..Maurice.

At Monday, April 29, 2024 1:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, I apologize for monopolizing this blog. But to respond to this u quiring, other countries such as France force total nudity for the must unecessary circumstances. Those people are sensensitized to it.

England had complete yearly physicals in public schools . Everything, including rectal. Which is a somuty perverted.

Pediatricians treat "children" into early adulthood. Vaccination booster shots for them are done pants down, & over the secretary's lap, in a spanking type position -- not the nurse's lap.

As horrific as our health system is, we do have a certain puritanical cultural foundation that's "uptight" about nudity.

That said, our early to mid 20th century tradition of forcing school boy nudity at swimming pools is hard to fathom. This non-meducal phenomenon is relevant in our cultural context.

Dear Abby, & her twin sister, Anne Landers, were such militant enforcers of that schoolboy abuse, that they declared it "poor poolside etiquette" for any young man under (say 23) to wear swimming trunks around all the girls & women needed to know about "boys secrets".

According to them, any boy hesitant to shower communally was mentally ill & probably secretly gay. i kid all you not. It's still posted all over the internet.

At Monday, April 29, 2024 1:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry TC above post referencing Anne Landers & Abigail van Buren. But with our uptight history, I still can understand how from a paying consumer ship standpoint, how we let things get so far out of hand that hospital enemas were mandatory for everyone, even those not requiring bowel prep. What were patients thinking by putting up with that?

At Wednesday, May 01, 2024 3:36:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Bernstein,
I do not have any experience with health care in other countries but my impression is that nudity is common and accommodations for modesty are more likely to happen in the United States.

I recently had another foot surgery and I simply ignored the pre-op nurse instructions to remove all clothing. I left my underwear on since this was foot surgery. The waist band was still securely glued to me after it was over.


At Thursday, May 02, 2024 10:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC: (corrections to my last post: "I CAN'T understand how consumer patients let things get to where they were", not " I can")
More reasons to hate doctors!

1) Occupational "health". Preemployment physicals are mostly performed by physicians hired by third parties -- a flagrant conflict of a interest from the start, & scummy when taken beyond ADA guidelines of primary job functions (hernias classified as tertiary) people's privates examined on behalf of a boss. Then when a significant injury occurs, these same facilities downplay it's severity, or deem it the employee is faking.

2) Prison physicians & medical staff participating in executions, doing things like putting up stethoscopes to the chest of smoking, 200° prisoners & declaring them either dead, or primed for more juice in the electric chair. Lethal injections are also performed by medical staff

3) performing unecessary agonizing ER strip & cavity searches for border patrol & the police on demand, upon innocent victims. Doctors Intentionally protracting proceedings for many hours, in retaliation for victim's indignant protests of human rights violations & threats to sue while cusing them out. (These two links you're probably all familiar with)


At Friday, May 10, 2024 5:48:00 AM, Anonymous Brian said...

So much for AI being the topic.

After reading some old posts I’m struggling to reconcile my (our) experience as a patient with the doctors experience.

I’ll quote “Stripped naked and left naked", without patient's understanding or acceptance as a behavior by physicians or nurses is a behavior I never have never never observed or heard of as a physician..” Maybe kids don’t count?

As a child I was in the hospital 3x. 2 ended in mental trauma.

I’ve already told my story on my 1’st experience at 7. 1 thing I only mentioned was being used as a training dummy for a nurses aid class. After a shower I had to stand there naked in front of 6-8 students while 2 girls prepped the bed.

The 2’nd stay when a nurse wanted to give me a suppository with the door open when I was 10 we went to war. They just brought in more aids to hold me down. We fought until I became exhausted and collapsed.

The next day I got yelled at by everyone. The head nurse. My mom. The doctor. I didn’t care. I’m gonna have a bad day, we’re all gonna have a bad day. I learned that from my 1’st hospital stay.

My 3’rd stay was for an emergency appendectomy at 15 in the 60’s. The prep, including getting a cath because I couldn’t pee with the nurse watching me, although I had to go bad, was manageable because I was in so much pain.

This wasn’t traumatic. Why? Because after the prep a doctor came in and gave me something “to help me relax” before they wheeled me to the OR.

After I was on the table the first thing they did was remove the sheet. Makes sense. A nurse started scrubbing my stomach area. I was naked but I just didn’t care.

To my left was the operating theater. I felt like I could almost touch the glass. Seated in the front we 2 doctors I presume, a male and a female. The male got up and left and came back with 2 cups of what I guess was coffee. I remember thinking to my self “I wonder if their going to serve popcorn.” Kind of odd thought but…

Another group of people were standing and talking, I guess waiting for the operation to start.

By now the nurse was painting my belly red. Then the anesthesiologist put a mask on my face and told me to start counting back from 100. I only remember getting to 98.

Even when I was 17, I had to go to the school nurses office for a physical. When you got there some girl told you to undress down to your underwear and get in line. You stood there with 10 or so other boys waiting your turn.

There were dividers, those flimsy white linen portable things set up for privacy. Of course there were gaps so the the girls that were helping there could see you standing there in your underwear. It was just acceptable. Man up as they say.

Do I think when the girls got their physicals boys were allowed into the nurses office? Not a chance. You weren’t even allowed down that hall.

I’ve given up fighting the system. Now whenever I go to a doctor, and in my 60’s I got a few, I take Valium. I just expect I might be inappropriately embarrassed somehow. It’s only happened maybe 10x in my life, but with PTSD each was very triggering.

But what I don’t get is how you have never seen or heard of any of this? Except maybe from the people here. Or it is possible I took your comment out of context.

I’ve also have had doctors that were very protective. They only exposed where they needed to. And they didn’t know I was traumatized. I never tell anyone.

You can see some people on here are very passionate about this because of the impact it had on their lives.

I’ll add this. I have absolute faith God allowed whatever happened to me for a good reason regardless of the physiological pain it caused. 50+ years of it. I might be a worse person had it not happened.

Sorry for venting.

At Friday, May 10, 2024 11:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Brian,

Please, please, please never say, "Sorry for venting." I'm sure that I speak for all the other posters when I say that we welcome your venting. Dr. Bernstein, the moderator, has indicated that he feels that the blog serves a definite purpose in this regard. Dr. Bernstein has also mentioned something that many of us have taken to heart - SPEAK UP. Health care workers don't know your needs unless you tell them. Some personnel don't care and won't even listen to you. However, others may be compassionate and they will attempt to accommodate your needs. You lose nothing by asking for dignity/ modesty accommodations. Speak up. Let them know what you need to make you better, physically as well as mentally/emotionally. Try to limit the Valium. I wish you well in all your subsequent medical encounters. Take care.


At Saturday, May 11, 2024 10:52:00 AM, Anonymous Brian said...

Thanks Reginald.

PTSD is a funky thing. Sometimes I can speak up and sometimes I can’t.

I do find most medical workers are very professional. Even in the 10 instances or so where I was what I considered inappropriately embarrassed, they really thought nothing of what they were doing. So it wasn't intentional.

I find it easier and safer for myself to take Valium than risk being triggered for weeks after a medical event. As it is I limit my contact with health care as much as possible.

At Sunday, May 12, 2024 4:26:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC to Brian

I'm so damn angry in your behalf, & so sorry for your adolescent mistreatment. I never had anything like that until age 64 my suicide attempt, tied to a bed in an ICU -- & the CA Department of Health wrote them up for it.

The worst that happened to me in the 60s was my pediatrician pulling down my pants all the way in front of my parents for penicillin shots, & they eventually fired him for it.

Most of the rage & mistrust I cultivated towards medicine was based on peer anecdotal accounts of hospital stays -- similar to yours. I've stayed away myself & usually fought back when provoked.

If Valium helps, more power to I know taking benzidiazipams long term, have burned away their synapsis & have severe depression & short term memory loss. Hopefully you'll be soared

At Monday, May 13, 2024 6:15:00 AM, Anonymous Brian said...

TC, don’t let my unfortunate experiences trouble you.

As crazy as it may seem, everything, everything happens for a reason. A reason we just don’t understand and won’t until we pass on. I truly believe and know that.

I’ve had many many compassionate nurses and techs. And I did find research that the medical profession realized somewhere in the late 90’s I think that a higher than expected number of drug and alcohol users had been traumatized as children in the hospital.

So I think they have changed and are changing as far as children are concerned. Unfortunately it was too late for some of us. They just didn’t realize the consequences of what they were doing. It wasn’t intentional.

And as adults most people can stand up for themselves. I can’t when I’m triggered. I go back to that deer in the headlights.

I also used the phrase “inappropriately embarrassed.” That may be a bit strong.

As far as the Valium, I only use it 10-15 times a year during medical visits. If anything I self medicate in other somewhat controlled ways to treat my PTSD.

At Monday, May 13, 2024 1:31:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well always exceptions, but only like a stopped click that's right twice per day. think that medical people's brains are hardwired to control & abuse others, just like public school teachers, cops & correctional officers. They are born financial & sexual predators, EVIL to the core , & I am unapologetically a very hateful person towards them



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